Why Choose Us?

Founded in 1970, L&A has remained privately owned and operated growing from a small delivery service to a major carrier and serving the contiguous United States and Canada. We here at


L&A always provide our client base the best in service. With our 70,000 square foot facility and extensive fleet, we can accommodate all of the needs of our clients. We proudly treat all of our clients with the same high level of respect regardless of how large or small their account may be.

One of the advantages of working with a small, family-owned business like L&A Transport is the personal service.  Inquires and question are handled by real people directly and always in a timely manner.  Our clients ultimately feel at ease and trust in our team as a result of the personalized service and strong working relations that we build.  With our efficient dispatch team, knowledgeable warehousing staff and variety of logistics services, you can be comfortable knowing that your needs will be met.  

Cargo in our hands is always treated with care.

Meet Our Team


Marla Papa, CEO


Elliot Ballen

Adam Mnich

Sue Lambrecht


Shawn Nardeo

Doreen Brennan


Dania  Cruz


Dennis Smith


Rita Sauer

Dan Roman


Alex Quiros