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Union, New Jersey LTL Loader - Freight Facts

If you are in the market for Union, New Jersey LTL Loaders, you may be wondering exactly what all of the hype is about. To start, you must know that this type of delivery vehicle is used most often when moving heavy items and large amounts of goods from one location to another. It can either come by private, charter or rented as a fleet. What makes this different than the standard trailer is that the load can be delivered as a semi tractor-trailer with four axles and a diesel engine, or it can be delivered as an open truck trailer. You can also lease these vehicles, but they are more expensive than to purchase. More about Union, NJ can be seen here.


 You will find that there are a couple of types of Union, New Jersey LTL Loaders available to choose from. The two most common types are the enclosed truck trailer or the open flatbed semi tractor-trailer. Both of them provide great service at an affordable price. Not only do they provide a safe and secure way for your goods to be delivered, but they can carry anything up to 5 tons. Most of them have a hitch for loading and off-loading your goods and are equipped with a winch. If your truck is larger, then you may want to look into a dump truck or an off-road unit. Click here to read about LTL Load Services in Union, NJ.

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When you rent a Union, New Jersey LTL Loader, you are covered for any damages or repairs that might occur during the move. In most cases, the trailers are covered for theft or damages sustained during delivery. They also offer coverage for damages incurred by the customers of the company itself. So, if there is a fire, flooding, or a road hazard, you are not out much money because you are covered. This makes it easy to rent a trailer for large-scale items.

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