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Trade Shows are a major opportunity to showcase your business, but oftentimes the materials you want to bring will not fit in your trunk.


Whether you have an elaborate display that you want to keep pristine or the materials you’re bringing to the tradeshow require too much space, a professional moving company can help ensure that your business is able to impress potential clients and customers during the trade show.


Below you’ll learn more about the process we take to ensure your trade show materials are shipped on time and damage-free. As well, you’ll learn why we’re New Jersey’s trade show moving company of choice.

How Does The Trade Show Moving Process Work?

When you come to us with your trade show needs, we break the process down into a few discrete steps. First, we’ll need to make sure you’ve packed everything properly before we get it loaded onto the truck. From there, we’ll need to make sure it gets to the trade show on time.


Once the trade show is complete, we’ll load the items back onto our truck and bring them back to your requested location.


If you’re using this same display at a variety of different shows, our warehousing services in Union, NJ, can be particularly useful. These allow you to store trade show materials off-site in-between shows, saving your business valuable space and reducing the amount of time required to make sure everything’s organized in-between shows.

What Helps L and A Transport Stand Out From The Rest?

L and A is the licensed and insured moving company you can trust to make sure you have everything you need for your trade show. Our prices are highly competitive because we’re a direct dispatch carrier. This means you don’t need to use a broker, a middleman who’s going to inflate the price of your shipping services.


As well, we’re dedicated to responsive customer service because we understand how important it is to make sure you understand where your trade show goods are. You don’t want to arrive at a trade show, only without the products you want to sell, or the displays you’re using to catch the eyes of potential clients or customers.


With the combined efforts of our dedicated fleet, responsive customer service, and direct dispatch, we will ensure that your cargo gets there on time and is damage free.

Trade Show Services - L and A Transport

Trade shows can be a difficult logistical challenge, especially if you’re attending them throughout the year. So what should you do? Call L&A Transport!


Whether you have any questions about our tradeshow services or you’re ready to book a move, you can reach us by calling 9083253098 or by filling out our online contact form.


We’re always happy to help businesses ensure they’re ready for a tradeshow, but if you need any other moving services, make sure to check out our services page. We offer free quotes for all of the moving services that we offer!

If you have any questions about our warehousing & storage services, or you want to get a custom quote, you can call us at 9083253098.

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