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What You Should Know About Springfield, New Jersey

New Jersey is known for its diverse landscape, and as such, New Jersey towns are filled with activities for residents and tourists alike. One of the top cities to live in New Jersey is Springfield, New Jersey. If you want to find out more about New Jersey and all it has to offer, you might want to check out Springfield, New Jersey. As it pertains to New Jersey towns, Springfield, New Jersey is unique because of its rich history, and a lot of what you see is reminded of a lot of things from the past. Learn information about Union, NJ.

First of all, there is the fact that this particular township was established right after the revolution. During the Revolutionary War, several families immigrated to New Jersey to escape the British’s oppression. The birthplace of both Benjamin Franklin and his wife Martha were in this township at this point. It wasn't long before they decided to settle in a piece of land that would become Springfield, New Jersey, today. What exactly took shape when these immigrants arrived is still a matter of great debate. Many people believe that the first settlers were French and that the name of the town that eventually became Springfield was given to the location by Franklin's father, John Winthrop. Discover facts about Irvington, New Jersey - The Home of the Finest Shopping Malls.

Regardless of which side you believe, it is undeniable that both sides had a hand in creating this small town that is now a part of New Jersey. One of the most notable figures from New Jersey who lived in this area during the revolutionary war was Roger Traylor, a Boston Tea Party leader. He later became a delegate to the Continental Congress, where he gave speeches concerning the status of American Indians. He was also instrumental in creating the first American flag. Many other important figures like George Washington, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock also spent some time in this town and its surrounding areas during the revolutionary war.

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