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Westfield New Jersey - You Have Everything You Need in New Jersey!

Westfield, New Jersey is one of the best malls to shop and dine in New Jersey. It is situated in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, and is known for its shopping and dining experiences. The mall has four anchor stores and two hundred and fifty thousand square feet of retail space. Westfield is also home to several restaurants and hotels. This is the second-largest mall in New Jersey and is considered one of the best shopping malls in New Jersey. It is one of the best malls to do business in New Jersey, with over sixteen thousand guests annually. Information can be found here.

Westfield, New Jersey is in very close proximity to New York City and New Jersey City. With a location such as this, it will allow customers to enjoy all the attractions of New York City without going out of their way. The shopping experiences at Westfield, New Jersey are among the best globally, with over eighty thousand customers visiting on an annual basis. Over three hundred new stores, including famous names like Marshalls and Macy's, are added to the original one hundred and fifty stores. Many luxury shopping malls are added to the original five hundred and sixteen-story tower. See here for information about What You Should Know About Springfield, New Jersey.

As far as public transportation is concerned, you will need to use New Jersey Transit, which New Jersey owns. Some buses can take you from New Jersey to New York City and back. Westfield, New Jersey, has bus routes that go through New Jersey. You can also travel to New York City in your car if you so wish, but there is only one entrance to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center that is free each day.

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