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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Shipping Carrier

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Choosing the right carrier to transport cargo will have lasting implications for your new office’s day-to-day operations. With so much at stake, selecting a suitable shipping carrier can be a challenging decision.

When a third party takes over your shipment, you have no control over it until it reaches the delivery point. It's no wonder then that we all want to choose a company that delivers our cargo as quickly and safely as possible. A good third party logistics (3PL) company should improve supply chain efficiency and provide good overall customer service. There are several boxes to check off when looking for the 3PL company that’s right for you. Here, we discuss five factors that you need to consider when finalizing the next 3PL partner.

Services offered

What services will you require during the move, and what kind of transportation does the company offer? Would they handle your future requirements, or would you have to hire another company for additional services? Working with many companies at once will increase your cost and effort. Therefore, it’s beneficial to find a freight service provider that offers all the services your business requires.


What if one carrier has lower shipping rates but doesn’t guarantee your cargo’s safety? Meanwhile, another company has a higher industry rate but has certified drivers and the top safety rating in your region. Which one would you choose? Ensuring safety is essential for a shipping company to cover losses due to an unseen event.

Customer service and reliability

It’s essential that a company is transparent throughout the process and offers loyal customer service, often the most overlooked delivery service component. Reliable customer service is the minimum prerequisite, especially in the event of sensitive timing or missing shipment. Research the company’s history and customer ratings on Google or Yelp to ensure you get the accountability you’re looking for.


When looking for potential 3PL partners, please stay away from companies with a bad reputation, as it would affect your reputation too. A good reputation markets itself much more effectively than paid marketing ever can. Look for testimonials, positive reviews, and customer experience before confirming a logistic partner.

Area of expertise

Most 3PL companies specialize in a specific industry, region, cargo type, and mode of transport. For example, L&A transport is a well-known moving company in Union, NJ, specializing in efficient and economic domestic shipping (North America) and international shipping. If you have specific requirements, choose a company that specializes in it.

Logistics made simple

Logistics is a complicated business, but it doesn't have to be problematic. At L&A transport, we make logistics and shipping easy for you. From international shipping to white-glove services, we have got you covered.

When it comes to transport services in Union, NJ, we are a trusted brand because of our customer service dedication. We have over 45 years of experience in the logistics sector. We also offer warehousing and door-to-door services while constantly monitoring traffic at terminals and ports. It is best to contact L & A Transport when it comes to hiring storage services in Union, NJ. You can call us at 9083253098 to get freight and shipping quotes in Union, NJ.

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