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Irvington, New Jersey - The Home of the Finest Shopping Malls

Irvington, New Jersey is located in the borough of New Jersey's boroughs of Bergen and Wildwood. This community is in southeastern Bergen and northwest of Scotch Plains, New Jersey. The City of Irvington was once owned by John Pierpont, a sawmill and a lead manufacturing plant in the area. He later developed a neighborhood here, which became known as the Old Irvington. Learn more here.

The Irvington community consists of about forty different homes on a row of approximately seven hundred and sixty-five acres. Various Irvington, New Jersey real estate companies specialize in properties including townhouses, single-family residences, duplexes, apartments, and some multi-family properties. Several nearby communities have post offices, shopping malls, ice cream parlors, and other businesses. There is also an Irvington, New Jersey hotel that offers a complimentary hot breakfast. Learn more about Westfield New Jersey - You Have Everything You Need in New Jersey!

Irvington, New Jersey, has some of the country's finest shopping malls, with some world-class class. Some malls include West Orange Avenue in New Jersey City, Route 17 in Union County, Route 6 in Union County, and Irvington Commons. A post office building is located at this corner of Irvington, New Jersey, and it serves mail and delivery services. Several major Irvington, New Jersey companies are headquartered here, including American Electrical Power Company, American Electric Power Company, American Metallurgical Fabrication Company, American Telephone & Imaging Company, American Gas Company, New Jersey Industrial Development Association, New Jersey Manufacturers Mutual Life Insurance Company, New Jersey Teachers Insurance Company, American Water Works Company, Union County Savings and Loan Association and Irvington Savings and Loan Association.

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