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International Shipping: Why Insuring Your Cargo is Essential

Are you moving overseas, and are you worried about your goods reaching safely to the new destination? Anything that’s well packed can ship internationally without damage. But we can never eliminate all risk factors. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get international shipping insurance to ensure your cargo’s safety.

Why opt for the warranty?

Though transportation companies aim to provide a safe, reliable, and affordable distribution service for businesses moving overseas, they disclaim any liability for damage or goods loss. This guide on international shipping insurance will take you through the necessary steps to ensure that you know how to get your items covered for the cross-ocean voyage. Moreover, it will answer the most pressing question — is international shipping insurance worth it?

The first step

You don’t have to cut down on your possessions when shifting overseas. If you can’t imagine leaving your belongings behind, don’t worry. It is now possible to take them with you in a hassle-free and safe way.

Start by valuing your possessions by checking their replacing cost online. Make sure that you don’t undervalue them. Describe all your items and take pictures to back up their price. Cover all furniture and home appliances in bubble wrap before packing them securely in a box.

Minimize the risk

Freight insurance offers a safety net if your cargo is damaged or lost during the move, ensuring that you get compensation for any loss that you might suffer in the process.

No deductibles

Unforeseen events aren’t frequent. However, it’s comforting to know that you would receive compensation for your goods if anything untoward were to happen. Get full value cargo insurance when shipping high-value or fragile items. You can save time on the claiming process by booking a freight broker.

Know insurance laws

Each country has different insurance laws, and there’s limited time for claim acknowledgment by the carrier. It’s therefore recommended to claim loss/damage insurance as soon as possible.

File claims sooner

If your cargo is lost or damaged, file a claim as soon as possible because most companies have a time limit. The duration usually ranges between 15-60 days for most companies.

Understand terms and conditions

Should you decide to move forward with international shipping insurance, it is best to familiarize yourself with everything written in fine print. You need to know all the events and situations the insurance covers and everything that it does not. For example, most international shipping insurances don’t cover goods such as stones, cash, coins, and high-value items. Meanwhile, some insurance providers cover only specific reimbursement costs rather than the whole amount.

Ship your goods internationally

Cargo insurance is essential, but so is choosing the right freight carrier company. L and A Transport has been providing complete logistics services in Union, NJ, to businesses for years. We offer complete logistic solutions, from warehousing to international shipping, throughout North America and Canada. If you have questions about our shipping service or want to book an order, you can call us at 9083253098.

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