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Have Fun and Relax at Warinanco Park In Roselle, NJ

Warinanco Park in Roselle, New Jersey, is one of the best known and most photographed locations in the Garden State. This section of the George Washington Bridge tolls is right in the middle of the park, and a photograph taken here has made it into popular wall art. Warinanco Park lies between Main Street in Roselle and Vine Street in New York City. The park lies between the Elizabeth River and the Fox River in Manhattan. Warinanco Park contains numerous beautiful gardens, picnic areas, museums, and beautiful open-air structures, all within walking distance of each other. See more here.

Warinanco Park has become a familiar name to tourists and residents alike. The majority of public access at the park is by a boardwalk that connects to a portion of Colonie Street’s Crossings. The boardwalk passes through a part of the park that is dedicated to bicycle use. Another portion of the park includes walking trails that begin at the beginning of the park and wind around to a portion of Vine Street, where the remainder of the park's open-air structure is located. Warinanco Park in Roselle, New Jersey, is one of the largest public open spaces in the area. It is located on the southern edge of Elizabeth City, about twelve miles from New York City. The park is composed of two parts: a large grass area adjacent to the Boardwalk and an approximately one square mile boardwalk that separates the public park from the commercial areas of Roselle. The majority of the park's visitors are locals who enjoy strolling on the scenic wooded paths or enjoying the many gardens. Most of the park's visitors are not aware that the park also contains some of the most spectacular views in the city and is close to some of the city's best shopping, dining, and cultural attractions. See here for information about Indulge in All Your Sporting Moments in Style at Union Sports Arena in Union, NJ.

Winco Park contains many areas for walking, jogging, skating, bike riding, golfing, tennis, horseback riding, and hiking. The largest of these structures is the Warinanco Park Theater complex. Here, tourists and locals alike can view a movie while strolling through the grassy areas surrounding the theater. Many of these areas are also perfect for taking photos and video clips of the surrounding natural environment. Those who are interested in photography or video may wish to visit one of the numerous studios in the area.

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