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All You Need to Know About The Deserted Village in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey.

The Felton Historic District, also located in the Watchung Reservation at Berkeley Heights, Union County, New Jersey, is an authentic urban neighborhood that contains many historic buildings dating from the early American colonization to the mid-nineteenth century. It's popularly known as "The Deserted Village.” The name was given due to the early 19th century when the houses there were almost totally deserted, and even on occasions, there were no people around. The Felton village was designed around an ethnic German community that settled there in the late 19th century, but its name lives on now as a part of New Jersey history, as well as being featured on a number of tourism tours. The architecture in the village itself is unique, with a number of buildings consisting of row homes and one or two-story bungalows. More can be found here.

The Felton Historic District, situated in the Watchung Reservation on Berkeley Heights, Union County, New Jersey, is an authentic historic community that includes many buildings dating back to the early American period. Known locally as "The Deserted Village," it is best known to visitors as "The Original Village." The entire area was once a thriving farm and farming village, and even today, visitors can still discover old-time shops and stores. The Felton area was actually the original home of Presley, Genes, and other notable families who settled here during the colonial period. The original village included two houses constructed by noted architect Philip Freiberg Hassleboom, the first American architect to design homes. The exquisite architecture and exquisite landscaping are what you will experience when visiting The Deserted Village in Arbor Road, New Jersey. One of the houses, the Woodrow Wilson House, still stands as an elegant historic landmark. Other sites include The Original Harvest Kitchen, The Lazy Meadow Kitchen, The Freiberg Hassleboom family’s birthplace, The ruins of The Grammer Mansion, The John Warren House, and The ruins of The Scottish Queen's Castle. Learn more about The Amazing Natural Features of South Mountain Reservation in West Orange, NJ.

The Feltstown Historic District retains much of the charm of this community in its early days and provides an interesting glimpse into the history and architecture of this intriguing town in New Jersey. With two locations located within walking distance and a wealth of attractions and activities for residents and visitors alike, Feltstown is a great place to live or to visit. The Scottish Queen's Castle and The Original Harvest Kitchen have been listed in New Jersey's Register of Historic Places. Visit these locations on your next trip to The Garden State!

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