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The Scenic Beauty of Rabkin Park in Union, NJ

One of the most scenic parks in Union, Rabkin Park provides visitors with a relaxing natural environment that is perfect for taking a walk or reading a book. Rabkin Park was originally created by developer John Rabkin back in 1918 as an effort to beautify his property. Rabkin Park has since been maintained and improved by various organizations and public volunteers. We will take you on a tour through Rabkin Park's winding paths and tell you about all of the cool things you can do there. Information can be found here

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Rabkin Park is well-known for its many trees and scenic views. It's a great place to get away from city life, while still being close enough to the bustling metropolis of Union City. Rabkin Park has an open space full of nature that can be accessed by pedestrians or bike riders coming from any direction in the park. Rabkin Park was recently remodeled with new walkways, benches, picnic tables, and gardens all designed to bring out the natural beauty of this wonderful public area in Union New Jersey. The Rabkins family donated money towards these renovations so they could create a special memorial garden on behalf of their parents who were both active members and volunteers at Rabkin Park for over 50 years. See here for information about The Liberty Hall Museum in Union, NJ.

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