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Caldwell Parsonage: A Union, NJ Historical Landmark

Caldwell Parsonage is a building that was originally used as the parson's home and land for farming. Caldwell Parsonage in Union, NJ has been preserved by Caldwell Historical Society to represent this type of historical landmark. Caldwell Historical Society volunteers are dedicated to preserving the Caldwell Parsonage and presenting it to the public so they can experience what life would have been like at Caldwell Farm during its prime time. Learn more here.

Caldwell Parsonage is a historical landmark located in Union, NJ. Caldwell was the first minister to live on this land and his daughter-in-law Mary Caldwell became the second resident of Caldwell Manor across from her father's home. The Caldwells were part of an important period in American history as it marked the shift away from Puritanism and towards more liberal religious beliefs such as Unitarianism. In 1852 when Reverend John Caldwell died he left all possessions including Caldwell Manor to his widow Caroline for life who later passed them down to their son Augustus Latherson Caldwell II. Learn more about The Scenic Beauty of Rabkin Park in Union, NJ.

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In 1979 during restoration work at Caldwell Manor, significant artifacts related to early Presbyterian settlers were found indicating that these items may have belonged directly with Rev Caldwell. Caldwell Manor is a popular tourist destination and it can be rented out for events

Caldwell Parsonage was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978, but Caldwell Manor was not added until 2003 because Caldwell's descendants were unsure if they wanted Caldwell Manor to become a public site or privately owned museum.

In 2002 Caldwell Manor became an official historic house museum operated by Union County Parks Commission with assistance from Friends of Caldwell Museum Inc., which raises funds for maintenance, restoration projects, educational programs, and exhibits.

Today you can visit Caldwell Parsonage as well as tour the inside of both buildings located on property that is now designated part of the Union County Park System. The grounds also include three other houses that have been relocated onto Caldwell Manor property

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