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The Liberty Hall Museum in Union, NJ

The Liberty Hall Museum is a treasure trove of American History. From the Liberty Bell to George Washington’s boots, Liberty Hall has something for everyone. Liberty Hall was originally built in 1875 as Union’s town hall and housed many important meetings from that time on. The museum was founded by Union resident Edward Gulledge in 1950 and opened its doors to the public. Liberty Hall has been in danger of being closed for years due to financial constraints, but Liberty Hall’s board and staff have continued their efforts. Liberty hall is now open as a museum with exhibits that educate the public about Union’s history. Learn information about Union, NJ.

It houses documents from a number of key members including James Pemberton and John Trenchard, as well as artifacts such as Liberty Tree flags found at Liberty Bell. It also contains items relating to John Locke’s “Two Treatises on Government.” The museum focuses not just on what it means for people to be able to enjoy their freedoms but how they can use those rights responsibly and ethically. According to Liberty Hall, "A democracy requires citizens who know about themselves and where we come from. Discover facts about Caldwell Parsonage: A Union, NJ Historical Landmark.

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Liberty Hall is located within Dickinson College Campus Center which houses classrooms, faculty offices, student services, and meeting rooms. Liberty Hall is open to the public Monday through Friday from 11 am-12 pm with docent tours at 12:15 pm on weekdays or anytime by appointment.

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